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Our treatment Kills 99.99% of Mould and protects your home for up to 12 months.
We can then remove and clean unsightly mould in an efficient, cost effective & convenient 1 day service.
In most instances repainting is not required. All our treatments include a detailed report of our findings with recommendations to support a mould free home. Our treatments are non toxic, child & pet safe
We also offer stand alone Mould Inspections.

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A ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging treatment of a furnished office or home including setup, generally takes less than an hour to complete.

A fogging treatment is an effective and a non-invasive way to kill mould and protect a complete indoor environment against mould, bacteria and germs. The Forcefield product  keeps working 24/7 and kills 99.99% of mould for up to 12 months. This service treats airborne and surface mould spores restoring air quality to safe and healthy levels.


With this full service package you'll get a Mould Fogging Treatment combined with a full or targeted surface clean which will remove unsightly mould and can completely transform your environment. 


We will ensure that you return to a clean home that is mould free and fresh. Following the mould fogging treatment, dead mould spores, together with any dust and bacteria in the room, will settle downwards onto your floor and surfaces which may leave a sticky residue. With this full service you can return home and not lift a finger knowing that everything has been wiped down and cleaned.


Could not recommend SeedingWizards Mould & cleaning more! It was not only an absolute pleasure having Marvé's energy in our home but she provided such a thorough service, our house feels so much lighter and mould free! She was excellent to communicate with and was very honest and reliable! Thankyou so much so lucky to have found you and your company Marvé!

Julia P

Coorabell - NSW

mold on the wall of an apartment_edited.jpg


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