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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of fogging?

  • The Mould Killer + Protector solution from Forcefield Kills 99.99% of bacteria, mould, and germs.

  • One treatment offers up to 12 months 24/7 protection.

  • Water based.

  • Non-flammable.

  • Suitable for all surfaces (except medical devices)

  • A simple and cost-effective test can be used as a guide to when to reapply Forcefield.

  • Environmentally responsible. 

Is the Mould Killer + Protector solution safe to use in my home/ office?

The Forcefield product is environmentally responsible because it is a water-based solution. It does not contain any volatile organic compounds and decays in landfills to commonly occurring material like silicon dioxide (sand), carbon and nitrogen oxides and water. The product does not harm surfaces e.g. timbers, gyprock, paintings nor any material e.g. wood, silk, leather, or synthetic fabrics.


What are the ingredients of the Mould killer + protector?

1.0 % w/w 3-(Trimethoxysily) proppyl dimethyl octadecyl, ammonium chlorine, 1.75 % w/w Quantanary ammonium Chloride blend, and >96 % water.


How should I prepare for my fogging treatment? 

It is important that you put all food, pet food bowls and pet water into the fridge or pantry.

All windows are to be closed, with fans and air conditioning units powered off.

All pets are to be either taken off-site with you or left outside. 


Our fogging technician will cover your electronic devices, computer, TVs etc.  However, please pack your smaller electrical appliances into cupboards.

Optional, but highly recommended, is to strip your bedding and cover with old sheets – and remove your towels, tea towels etc.

You are safe to return to your home 2 hours following treatment.


Do I need to clean my house after fogging treatment?

Following the mould treatment, dead mould spores, together with any dust and bacteria in the room, will settle downwards onto your floor and surfaces – and become sticky with residue.

We recommend you mop the floors and wipe down all surfaces immediately upon returning to your home.  We also highly recommend that the first vacuum of the area is with a ‘hepa’ filter vacuum to ensure as many particles as possible are removed. It is now safe following our treatment to clean surfaces on your own as all the mould is now dead. DO NOT in any circumstances use bleach as this affects the longevity of our product.


We can however complete this essential step for you as part of our Full Service treatment and wipe down your walls, ceiling and other surfaces this will in most cases remove any visible mould.  With the Full Service you'll return to a mould free and clean home. If walls are stained from the mould following cleaning, then it might require a repaint with mould resistant paint. 

Do you provide a cleaning service for mould or cleaning after fogging?

Yes, we do! If you prefer, we can offer an additional ‘Full Service’ cleaning service. We can undertake this essential step for you. Please ask us to quote the additional cleaning or if self booking select 'Mould Treatment + Cleaning'.

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